4 litres of water from 5 and 3 litre jugs

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You have a 5 liter jug and 3 liter jug, and an unlimited supply of water (but no measuring cups). How would you come up with exactly four liters of water?

Note: The jugs are oddly shaped, such that filling up exactly ‘half’ of the jug would be impossible.

Possible Solution:

1. Fill 5 liter jug.
2. Pour water from 5 L jug to 3L jug till the 3L jug is full. (Now, 5L jug has 2 liters of water in it and 3L jug contains 3 liters of water)
3. Dump 3 liters water from 3L jug. (Now, 5L jug contains 2 liters of water in it and 3L jug becomes empty)
4. Pour 2 liters of water from 5L jug to 3L jug. (Now, 5L jug = 0 liters of water, and 3L jug = 2 liters of water)
5. Fill 5L jug.
6. Fill remainder of 3L jug with 5L. Since 3L jug already had 2 liters of water, it will accumulate 1 more liter of water in it and 5L jug will have 4 liters of water in it !


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