[ C/C++ ] Programming questions list for C/C++: Set - 2

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Built-in C Functions implementation questions list

  1. Write your own C program to implement the atoi() function.
  2. Implement the memmove() function. What is the difference between the memmove() and memcpy() function?
  3. Write C code to implement the strstr() (search for a substring) function.
  4. Write your own printf() function in C.
  5. Implement the strcpy() function.
  6. Implement the strcmp(str1, str2) function.
  7. Implement the substr() function in C.
  8. Write your own File copy() function.
  9. Write C programs to implement the toupper() and the isupper() functions.
  10. Write a C program to implement your own strdup() function.
  11. Write a C program to implement the strlen() function.
  12. Write your own strcat() function.
This should act as a checklist. I will add individual post for each of the questions and link them here.
(For responding with answers, please do mention the question no for reference here.)


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