Label the apples, oranges, mixed baskets

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There are three baskets in front of you among which one has apples, another has oranges and third one has both apples and oranges. All are labeled wrongly.

How will you find the content of the bag if you are allowed to pick only one thing from any of the bag?


Since the labels are wrong, what they contain must be not the label mentioned but either of the other 2 possibilities:

So now pick from the label which says Mixed. Obviously this basket doesn’t contain mixed fruits, so whatever you pick, is what it contains. Suppose you get an Apple. So you know the basket labelled mixed contains Apples.
The basket labelled Oranges actually would have contained either Apples or Mixed. Since you have already found out the apples basket, you know this one has Mixed. And the left one which says Apples actually contains Oranges.


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